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OneSkin Clothing & Jewellery-Byron Bay Fashion

OneSkin is the brainchild of Byron Bay. An eclectic collection comprising some of the area’s best clothing and jewellery designers, it is a unique space that showcases the diverse talent nurtured in this cultural Mecca. Located on the East coast of Australia, Byron Bay attracts people from all over the world. Offering unparalleled coastal vistas, rolling hinterland and a liberal mindset, the town has become an artists’ paradise with a culture and environment that breed’s creativity.

Byron Bay has a very holistic and grounded feel, resulting in amazing jewellery and clothing pieces that often become a person’s much-loved treasure. OneSkin is borne from a community layered with multiculturalism and laced with inspiration. Byron Bay carries a casual and comfortable surf-style that incorporates a bohemian twist, a vintage touch and gypsy feel. Each of the Byron Bay designers has their own inspiration and story behind their creations, making them unique.

Vintage Gypsy Style Clothing & Jewellery

Currently the Byron Bay designers who are part of OneSkin have brought to you stunning vintage clothing that are hand made with love and carry a unique gypsy vintage style. The Byron Bay jewellery compliments the vintage and gypsy clothing, and are very flattering with our one-off gypsy dresses.

Oneskin is constantly looking for new designers including the new and upcoming to incorporate into our collection so we can showcase the amazing talent that Byron Bay has to offer. If you are interested in becoming a stockiest please contact us and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Oneskin looks forward to bringing you a touch of all those beautiful influences and a touch of Byron Bay just with a click of a button. I hope you enjoy the inimitable and sensational styles at OneSkin. You can also check out our updates on Google+